Monday, 30 April 2012

Free Farmers Market Hors d'oeuvres anyone?

What a wild time to have an event - smack dab during the last week of classes at Virginia Tech! If you can't make the entire bicycle bash, do take a study break and come eat our delicious dinner at 6:40pm - locally sourced and catered by the famous Mikies 7th Restuarant in Newport!

-Grass-finished beef burger with toppings
-Grilled London Broil with cucumber sauce
-Local asparagus-lightly roasted
-Local Mix-Green salad in wonton cups
-Dessert: Floyd's organic raspberry bar

Cyclist Spotlight

Two wonderful women, SGA Transportation committee members..and our Blacksburg Cycle Chic Fashion Show MC's! Meet Christine and Morgan.

I bike because it keeps my body strong and healthy
I bike for the adrenaline, and for the endorphins
In the summer, I bike because it creates a breeze
In the winter, I bike because the movement generates heat
I bike to commute
I bike to adventure
I bike to be free
I bike to see the world from a different perspective
I bike because I can
I bike to show others that they can
-Christine Foote 

I bike because it is the fastest way to get around campus! Biking lets me sleep in an extra 30 minutes before my 8 am!!! That's like....16 extra hours of sleep this semester! 
-Morgan Findley

Model Recruitment Success

We now have 41 people officially registered for the bicycle fashion show! We just need 9 more to reach our goal, so encourage your friends and let's get 50 people + bikes on the cycle path (runway) this Tuesday! I'll be accepting last entries until 5pm! Send them NOW, post on the facebook wall or email to

Need specifics to woo your cycling friends to apply for the fashion show? Send below message!

Cycle Chic Models,

Thank you for applying to Blacksburg’s first Bicycle Fashion Show, where we will celebrate the everyday people (YOU) who choose bicycle transportation in our community! You all have been accepted. Congratulations!

We are delighted to highlight Blacksburg’s diversity of cyclists – commuters, racers and recreational riders. Wherever you fit, we all use the same roads, sidewalks, trails and paths. We think this is significant as Blacksburg embraces a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and Virginia Tech makes strides towards becoming a Bicycle Friendly University. This event will address the safety of our roads for pedestrians and bicyclists in a creative way. Together we will showcase Blacksburg’s livability and promote active commuting as a way of life.

As’ models’ in our fashion show, we’d like to remind you Blacksburg Cycle CHIC is about your individual style and charisma. As you walk down the runway with your bike, have fun! Our fashion show is really a commuter celebration about CHARACTERS in our vibrant bike community.

Fashion Show Q&A:

When do I need to arrive? If you cannot make the incredible line-up of speakers, farmers market feast or Open Networking, arrive at 8:00 pm for the short, 15 minute break before the Fashion Show starts at 8:30pm. Bring your bike into the Graduate Life Center, go to the Multi-purpose room and put your bike where all the others are.

What to wear? This is completely up to you! (If you are one of the targeted racers, then wear your kit) Our event will be filmed in its entirety, so wear clothes you feel good in, something comfortable and you’d bike around town in. The idea of ‘cyclechic’ is that you can wear any everyday clothes and that biking isn’t limited to extremist, Lycra and spandex wearing cyclists. Ladies, keep in mind you will be walking on a raised runway – don’t wear short skirts!

What to expect? My boyfriend will be DJ-ing a mix of upbeat classic rock and funk. Each model will walk down the runway slowly for a total of 30-60 seconds. Be yourself! Smile, wave, bow, kiss, etc as you walk. Christine Foote and Morgan Findley, two energetic gals in SGA Transportation, will be our MC’s! They will be speaking about you and reading your ‘why you bike/why it’s important to you’. To help us, please send a short bio or email signature before Tuesday (professor's field, major, year, profession, etc). While you walk down the runway, a PowerPoint slide with your picture will be projected behind you. Our runway is also complete with colorful lights that will beam around you and your bike.

Practice? Please join us for a DRESS REHEARSAL and LUNCHEON on Tuesday, May 1st at noon!

A highly recommended run through of the fashion show will take place in the Graduate Life Center from 12-1pm on Tuesday, May 1st. Hear an overview of what to expect during the show, practice walking down the runway with your bike and enjoy a giant 50 person Substation sandwich! (courtesy of Transportation and Campus Services) Meet & greet other models!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions. If you'd like to change your picture or quote, email me ASAP (before 5pm). And remember to invite your friends, family and colleagues to cheer you on in the fashion show while they are inspired about bicycle transportation and sustainability.

Your Blacksburg Cycle Chic Coordinator

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Farmers Market Photo Shoot

We've come a long way since we posed at the Farmers Market for Blacksburg Cycle Chic. Pictured are great friends and campus leaders with strong passions for sustainability.

No Hokie Left Inside

Flashback to Field Day 'No Hokie Left Inside' during Earth Week. The board encapsulates what we're trying to do at Blacksburg Cycle Chic - create a culture of Respect around all modes of transportation :)

Blacksburg Cycle Chic is a day away! Stay tuned for model recruitment and fashion show updates. We also have a tasty surprise.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Have you seen these around town?

Drillfield at Virginia Tech

Bollos Cafe and Bakery; one of our only downtown bike racks

Bulletin board

Re-purposing the Earth Week A-Frames, thanks cradle-cradle construction club!

Squires bike racks

It's about YOU + COMMUNITY & bikes.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Schedule of Events and Posters Out!

It's been a crazy few weeks lately, but we've finally finished posters for Blacksburg Cycle Chic - Commuter Celebration & Fashion Show! Spread the word and make sure you get off work in time for Tuesday's evening's festivities, starting at 5pm sharp! I'll introduce my vision for Blacksburg embracing bicycle transportation, then let Mayor Ron Rordam, and Director of Transportation and Campus Services at Virginia Tech, Steve Mouras, speak on our thriving bicycle cultures both in town and at VT. Here's the schedule of events and finalized speakers:

5:00 – Welcome:  Lyndsay McKeever, Blacksburg Cycle Chic Creator
5:15 - Mayor Ron Rordam and Steve Mouras, Director of Transportation and Campus Services
5:30 - Fionnuala Quinn, Alta Planning + Design, Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling, on Women Cycling Project and empowering women to bicycle
6:00 – Keynote: Elly Blue, author of Taking the Lane, will speak on the gender gap and Bikenomics: How bicycling can save the economy
6:40 - Open Networking and Bike Brainstorm
Enjoy farmers market hors d’oevres by the Sustainable Food Corps with Joshua Ploeg of the Dinner and Bikes Tour.

Engage with key stakeholders, Share your vision, Learn about Bicycle Opportunities

7:15 – Bike Culture Presentations

  • Mike Kulikowski, Design for America, on grassroots bike advocacy at VT
  • Kyle Gardiner, SGA Sustainability, on Feet Fleet (Safe Routes to School)
  • Lida Aljabar, Urban Affairs and Student Planning Association on PARK(ing) Day
  • Beth Lohman, Blacksburg Corridor Committee Member on Blacksburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Cole Harden, East Coasters Bike Shop, on bridging the worlds of advocacy and racing together with the upcoming World Cycling Championships in Richmond, Virginia 2015

8:15 – Short Break
8:30-9:30 – Fashion Show

Don't miss out on this one of a kind bike bash in Blacksburg! This is our community's premier bicycle event that will bring together cyclists of all walks - recreational riders, commuters and racers. Use this space to brainstorm with student and community cyclists on how to grow our vibrant, emerging active transportation culture!

See you in 11 days.

your Blacksburg Cycle Chic Event Coordinator