Monday, 30 April 2012

Cyclist Spotlight

Two wonderful women, SGA Transportation committee members..and our Blacksburg Cycle Chic Fashion Show MC's! Meet Christine and Morgan.

I bike because it keeps my body strong and healthy
I bike for the adrenaline, and for the endorphins
In the summer, I bike because it creates a breeze
In the winter, I bike because the movement generates heat
I bike to commute
I bike to adventure
I bike to be free
I bike to see the world from a different perspective
I bike because I can
I bike to show others that they can
-Christine Foote 

I bike because it is the fastest way to get around campus! Biking lets me sleep in an extra 30 minutes before my 8 am!!! That's like....16 extra hours of sleep this semester! 
-Morgan Findley

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