Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Composting, Cycling and Community

While my blogger energies have been redirected to the soon to be Transportation and Campus Services BIKE BLOG (link not available yet), I have to tell you about my good friend Chris Fields-Johnson. Just yesterday I was biking by Bollos when my eyes caught sight of a bike trailer connected to a hybrid commuter bike. There was a big blue tub next to the trailer and then Chris walked out of Bollos. Holding a orange bucket with the words "Compost" written on it, Chris told me he collects coffee grounds from Bollos, Easy Chair coffee shop and other places around town. How cool! He then trucks away the grounds to his beloved farm on Merrimac where they are recycled into his soils as compost. Now that's a Blacksburg utilitarian cyclist. How I love my Crop & Soil Environmental Sciencey/Forestry friends, so earthy, friendly and wise.