Monday, 21 May 2012

A Rippling Effect

Biology professor George Simmons carries his exams by bike and commutes daily

Three weeks since the big Blacksburg Cycle Chic event and we've seen a rippling effect of excitement around bicycling!

Just last week, George Simmons, VT Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Bike Master Plan volunteer, presented before the Old Guard (Alumni from the 50's and early 60's) on behalf of the Alumni Association. He spoke about undergraduates and their contributions to Hokie Nation. As one of our faculty models in the bike fashion show, George spoke about Blacksburg Cycle Chic, too! Here's a peek at what was presented:

"The point I made is that VT seeks a national championship, yet we already have one - in the successes of our undergraduates who take initiative, demonstrate motivation and creativity, and move to tackle big issues. I encouraged older alumni to remember that our non-athlete undergraduates are winners and national contenders in every way possible. They are often unsung and unrecognized - but appreciated by the world at large in a very big way.

The second thing I emphasized - is that if the world is going to be changed for the better, it will be up to the women - especially the young women - who for the most part are brighter, more creative, more mature, and more articulate than their counterparts. I see this on a daily basis." - George Simmons

Read by our emcees about George during the fashion show - I commute by bike (in fact, I do not own a gas-powered vehicle - I gave up my big gas guzzlin' Silverado nearly 5-6 years ago) because I want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels in general, and I want to use "ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION" (note the difference between "Active" vs "Alternative") because it is more healthy, sustainable, and promotes re-organization of urban communities - like Blacksburg. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

After his presentation, George tells me several people approached him and were impressed with the involvement of our young people. "I hope this translates into saving Stadium Woods. If not, I'm going to move to Canada or somewhere in Europe! Or Ireland!", concludes George.

Thank you for believing in young people and especially for recognizing the potential of women to make change for a healthier planet! I whole-heartedly agree :)

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